Lima Shawnee Local School District



Linda believes in supplying all Ohio's children with robust educational opportunities to sustain a vibrant, civic-minded, forward-looking economy and society. Below are the principles Linda would represent on the State Board of Education.

Linda will seek guidance in policy development from education experts, parents, and other stakeholders. Together, we must define long-range goals for Ohio's educational system and carefully craft policies to achieve them.

Realistic Testing

Linda believes that a broader range of assessments—including but not limited to college preparedness testing—can reveal and reflect the variety of children’s skills and strengths and more accurately represent the performance of the school district, the teachers, and administrators.

Reliable Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluations are very costly. Linda supports performing a cost/benefit analysis to determine whether the current evaluations are truly worth what the state and local school districts have spent on the formulation, administration, and reporting of teacher evaluations.

Fiscal Responsibility

To ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used appropriately, Linda believes that any school receiving public funds should meet reasonable, equivalent transparency standards.

Local Control

For years, Linda has advocated in Washington, DC, to empower Ohio’s local school districts so they can best serve their communities’ children.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Linda’s efforts helped end the oppressive unfunded mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act, which had hindered education for nearly 15 years.  In contrast, the ESSA—passed last year—will give state and local governing bodies control over academic standards, assessments, and teacher evaluations. Linda will help bring these changes into reality.

Quality Teaching

Across the state, schools are suffering a shortage of teachers. Linda knows that young adults will want to be teachers when we afford teachers the respect and remuneration their profession deserves. Professional development opportunities facilitate teacher quality and classroom autonomy allows teachers to creatively adapt their lessons to their students.

Nonpartisan Leadership

Educating our children transcends party lines. Linda will respect the State Board of Education’s non-partisan status and work with everyone, no matter their political persuasion, for the benefit of Ohio’s children.

Funding Reliability

In the past 8 years, Ohio schools have had to adapt to 4 different funding formulas. This inconsistency makes budgets uncertain, which in turn makes it difficult for Ohio’s local school boards to administer their teachers, staff, and programs. Linda believes that consistency in funding would be in the the best interest of Ohio’s children.

Equity: The Key to Economic Vibrancy

Today’s children will be the citizen leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians, and educators of the future. Linda knows that her generation’s wellbeing is dependent on the quality of education given to children today. It is in everyone’s best interest to provide a robust educational experience to all Ohio’s children.